This exhibition presents two new video works.

“The perfect Human” depicts the perfect male model in the image of Ron Jeremy, a famous Jewish porn-star who has stared in thousands of movies in the 80’s and the 90’s. The reference, taken from Jorgen Leths’ film from 1967 with the same name, places Ron Jeremy as the sublime idol to whom Yona is trying to conform through failed attempts to fit his posture and gaze.  Yona’s hopeful stares towards Jeremy’s groin are sobering up to the realization that the perfect man can only be adored.

In “The Backdoor Man”, a 17 min film composed out of dozens of porn films from the 80’s, from which the sex scenes have been taken out, Yona plays the double of Ron Jeremy. Yona’s character is portrayed as an impotent character trying to get into the porn industry but faced time after time with the demand to take its clothes off, and the fear it involves. 
The film takes place in a fictional twilight zone that moves between the art world (where openings, studio visits, and newspaper reviews take place ) and the behind-the-scenes of the adult film industry, and specifically the making of the movie “The Backdoor Man”.  Taking out the sex scenes and moments of penetration from the movie’s “plot” leaves the characters in what can be thought of as the worst Melodrama, one that takes place in cheap sets and is overwhelmed by fake sentimentality and empty pathos moments. The porn flick loses its ability to fulfill the fantasy and becomes a cheap soap opera. Yona’s character as Jeremy’s double is silent, passive, paralyzed by fear from the task it has taken upon itself. Ron fails as well (trying to become an artist), and becomes human again.
The movie shares moments of coherence between the two characters who share the same destiny. Yona enters through the ”backdoor” without any way to affect what is happening, and just like in a dream, or a nightmare, the plot turns him into a different kind of “backdoor man”, one that lives through identifying with the film’s hero, the perfect man, the fantasy.

THE BACKDOOR MAN (17 Min, exerpt) 2012